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그래핀코팅제??? 그 실체를 낱낱히 밝히다
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대부분 가짜인 그래핀 코팅제 실체 까발리기.
Most of "graphene coating" products are fake. It used the graphite(black,similiar to pencil graphite) instead of graphene.   Graphene Still Difficult to Use and Path to Major Commercialization is Uncertain.   The EU Graphene Flagship project has published a roadmap of applications they hope to develop by 2030.  But 99% graphene coating products advertising that  as a real graphene coating , They are cheating customers and car detailers around the world.  There need to be breakthroughs in production, handling and utilization of graphene before the commercial promise is realized.The picture above shows the clean room handling that is usually needed for working with graphene.  
What Factors Impact Graphene Cost?
While graphene prices have come down since 2010, when it reportedly cost tens of thousands of dollars to make a piece of high-quality graphene the size of a postage stamp, it remains expensive. Specific pricing data is hard to come by for this 21st century wonder material, but current estimates peg the production cost of graphene at about US$100 per gram.
How graphene is made
The Scotch tape method of making graphene is known as exfoliation, and there are other ways to create graphene via exfoliated graphite as well. For instance, a diamond wedge can cleave graphene layers.
But what are some other ways of making graphene? Currently, the most popular method is chemical vapor deposition (CVD). As the Atlantic explains, the deposition process involves a mix of gases reacting with a surface to create a graphene layer. The process creates high-quality graphene, but the graphene is often damaged when it comes time to detach it from its substrate.
Looking at the process in greater depth,Graphenea states that another problem with CVD is that it’s difficult to create a totally uniform layer of graphene on a substrate.
Graphenea also notes that much work is being put into reducing problems with CVD. For example, scientists are experimenting with treating the substrate before the reaction that creates graphene takes place. Even so, it’s expected that it will take a long time for the wrinkles to be smoothed out.
The Graphene Flagship identifies a number of other ways of making graphene as well, including direct chemical synthesis; the material can also be made by putting natural graphite in a solution.
Some of the latest innovations in graphene creation don’t involve the use of chemicals and can be conducted in the open air, as opposed to in vacuums. One method that was patented in 2017 is able to create larger quantities of graphene using acetylene, oxygen and a spark plug.
Unfortunately, this process creates unrefined chunks of material and not sheets, meaning more money must be spent to make the graphene chunks useable.

이자료는 공익적 목적으로 많은 고객들과 광택 디테일러들에게 피해가 가지 않도록 그래핀에 대한 기술적 정보를 해외 유수연구소,단체의 글들을 인용하여 적은 것입니다.

최근에 해외 일부 업체에서, 세계적인 대기업에서 조차 기술적문제로 상업화에 성공하지 못하고, 중견 및 세계유수의 대기업체들에게 조차 그래핀이 상용화 되지도 않은 상태에서 단순히 연필심에 들어가는 흑연(그라파이트)라는 흑연가루를 넣은 이름만 그래핀 코팅제가 고객들과 수많은 광택 디테일러들을 현혹시키고 있습니다.  

그래핀은 순수 백색에 가까운 순도 99.9% 이상을 추출하는 기술은 2030년정도 되어야 가능하리라 유럽연합 연구소에서 보고있습니다. 그런데 현재 흑연가루분말을 넣은  이름만 "그래핀코팅제"라고 하는 말도 안되는 또하나의 사기꾼 집단들이 시장을 혼탁하게 만들고 있습니다.  

그래핀 순도높은 추출물 국제시세가 1그램에 12만원($100) 정도인데 그래핀코팅제가 4~5만원에서 10만원전후라고? 그래핀 0.001 그램 넣었다면 이해하겠지만 이건 한마디로 고객들은 기만하는 행위의 연속이라 하겠다.

그래핀을 추출하려면 아래 사진과 같은 대기업에서 출자한 수천억원의 최첨단 장비가 필요하며, 이또한 현재 상용화가 되지못해 그래핀을 연구를 위한 실험단계에 그치고 있습니다. 아울러 그래핀 분자배열을 네트워크화하고 이를 다시 결합하여 결정화하는 치환단계의 기술을 확보하게된다면 이야말로 세계적인 혁명이며, 핵융합을하여 인공태양을 만드는 것만큼 대단한 일일것인데. 전세계 연구단계에 있는 그래핀을 자동차 코팅제로 만들었다고???

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